Recently we decided to try a photo app that makes it easier for you to find your photos if you are part of a large scale photo shoot such as with Cross Country or Football. We used it with a football team and found that it was easy for both parties.

PhotoDay - Picture Day Gallery - Apps on Google Play

What is PhotoDay?

PhotoDay is designed to make your life easier when ordering sports photos. Once we take your photos and place them on the PhotoDay Gallery, you can get to work ordering them. There are no paper order forms and you can order on a desktop, tablet, or your phone.

What’s really cool about PhotoDay is you can use the Face Find feature to narrow down your search. That way you don’t have to look through hundreds to thousands of pictures to find your athlete. The downside is if your athlete is wearing a helmet, the Face Find feature may not be as accurate.

However, we (the photographers) have the option to create folders to organize the pictures and make it easier for you. Once the photos are ready, we create a gallery for the team and there is a code that you use to access the gallery. You can even join via text message to receive updates throughout the entire process.

The Process

Once the photos are online, and you have chosen what you want to purchase, you will have options to customize your order. Photo packages, digital downloads, key chains, mugs, and other products are some examples of what you can order.

We use White House Custom Colour as our print lab, so all orders are sent to them. Once your photos and other products are complete, they will be mailed directly to you. We usually offer a period of free shipping and other coupons for those that order in a timely manner.

Here’s a short video about using PhotoDay:

We probably won’t use this for every event we shoot, but it will be useful for the majority of the photos we take. We look forward to using this app more in the future and we think it will be a great addition to make things easier for our you, our customer.

If we use this app for your event, we will provide more information during the process and we will be available to help with ordering or any other concerns as needed.