This guide provides greater detail about what to expect when you book a session with Snake River Valley Photography. It is important to us that your experience is positive and once you know more about the process, you will feel more comfortable on the day of your session.

Booking a Session

To begin, you can secure your session with us by either a phone call, e-mail, or by purchasing a package on our website pricing page. If you choose to purchase on the website before talking to us, we will call you when the order comes through to start the process of getting dates and times set up.

If you want to customize a package or obtain more information before you book a session, then give us a call. We are more than happy to figure out a plan that suits your needs. Once we decide on the plan that includes a date and time, you can pay for the session online.  

Session is Booked

Before we meet for the scheduled session, you need you to fill out two forms. They are available on the Client Portal Page if you want to view and/or print them before we send them to you via e-mail. These are:

  1. SRV Photography Contract
  2. SRV Client Questionaire

We will e-mail the contract to you once we have filled in the details about the session. Please sign this and send it back to us. The client questionnaire will be e-mailed after the contract is completed. The questionnaire helps us get to know you better and customize your session.

Preparing for the Photo Shoot

The package you purchase will determine how you need to prepare for the photo session. We can provide more information if you have further questions.

Action shots/events: Wear your uniform/clothes that are required for your particular event.

Individual Portraits: Think about what your focus will be (the questionnaire will cover more of this), and dress accordingly. If it is a hobby/sports shot, you can wear your uniform or other related attire for part of the session and then change into something different for the rest of the session if you wish. Make sure you bring all relatable props and gear—this is a great way to tell YOUR story.

Team Session: Wear your uniform and bring your gear.

Day of the Session

We will set up a time to meet before the session begins, which will allow us a chance to get to know one another and address any questions that may have come up. This time is not charged, nor is it part of the included time for the shoot. The session time begins once we start taking pictures.

The type of package you choose will decide how long the session will last. We arrange this when the contract is signed.

Team shots—we will arrange the location and time in advance so each party can plan accordingly.

After the Session

After the photo session we will edit your photos and put them on our website within 2 to 3 days. We will give you a passcode to access your personal pictures on the website—no one can see these unless they have the password. You are welcome to share the code with friends and family if they are interested in purchasing photos too.

On our website you can purchase prints and downloads; there are a variety of print options and if you purchase downloads, we will give you a print release so you can print these at a later time. Once you place your order, your prints will be delivered directly to your residence. 

The photos will be available for 60 days on our site, after that if you want to purchase photos, you will need to contact us. We won’t keep photos longer than one year (unless we decide to keep a few with your permission for marketing purposes).

Contact Us with Questions

We are available if you have questions. Contact us through e-mail or a phone call—we are happy to help!



Tim- 208.680.1590

Kendra- 208.589.1316

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